Learning A New Langauge

So if you want to go on a boating adventure to another country, you might want to learn the local language so you have an easier time with everything. It’s hard to learn a new language, that’s for sure.  But with boating it’s helpful to be able to talk to the dock masters and others who might work on boats.  This is especially true if you end up needing repairs and help.  So make sure that you study the specific boat vocabulary that you might need.  I suggest that you look into getting a travel guide that will also help you with general words and phrases.

If you want to get a head start on learning at home before your trip, I definitely suggest that you look into getting the Language Hacking Guide (also known as Speak From Day 1) by Benny Lewis.  We wrote about it in our recent article on how to learn any language.  The main gist is that you really need to start using the language right away, have a good attitude, and also set small obtainable  (but concrete) goals.  You can’t just “want” to learn a language.

Anyway, I think learning a new language has implications and benefits beyond what you’re trying to do in sports.  It helps open your eyes to another culture and another way of seeing things.


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